Peru, Spanish Perú, the language of the Piruw Quechua Indians, is the land of a mysterious nation of Incas and many other Indian tribes. In the west of South America, it is washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean, in the north, in the Amazon region, full of jungles and tropical vegetation. Of course, Peru also has wild mountains, arid deserts and beautiful lakes. A land full of treasures such as the mythical Incan gold, the mysterious Machu Picchu, the Nazca plateau or Lake Titicaca.

Just like the diverse nature and composition of the inhabitants, the Peruvian cuisine is also varied. We can find dishes from the period of the ancient Incas or from the times of Spanish conquerors and Japanese immigrants. 

Part of the traditional Peruvian menu are also peculiarities such as roast guinea pig, llama or coca tea. We cannot offer you these dishes and drinks, but other traditional dishes such as Ceviche, Tiraditos, Empanadas or meat and fish prepared on the grill with melted charcoal are a matter of course. And don't forget to start your evening with a great Pisco Sour cocktail.

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